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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ocean Plastic packaging from Method

One of the most pervasive ongoing environmental concerns is the tremendous amount of plastic we as a society generate. There are plastic islands floating in the oceans is estimated to be approximately twice the size of Hawaii. This plastic waste also gets consumed by the sea creatures and becomes part of our food stream.

Method Hand and dish soapMethod Soap company has decided to build awareness for this problem through innovative packaging on their latest hand soap. The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic that was gathered by volunteer groups on the coastlines of Hawaii. Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and Kokua Hawaii Foundation has collected over one ton of plastic required to create the packaging.

Our Daily Green received a bottle of the Method Dish + Hand soap in exchange for this article. The packaging is opaque dark grey with a design that is reminiscent of starfish along the bottle.

We commend Method for drawing awareness to this growing problem and offering a small step in the right direction. The less we create new plastic and instead reuse what is already in existence, the cleaner our environment will be. Their innovative product is available exclusively at Whole Foods Market. With enough consumer support, we hope more companies will look into recycled packaging instead of using virgin resources.

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