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Monday, July 27, 2009

Bill Paying Green

If there is a green that strikes fear in the hearts of most consumers, it's the green that disappears from our bank accounts monthly when we pay bills.

Yet, like taxes, we all must pay bills. Today's electronic billing makes that easier and more environmentally friendly than ever. If you aren't paying your bills online yet, it's time to start.

One of my favorite tips is to set up whatever monthly bills you can to a credit card. I have most of my utility bills set up that way. The key is to always pay your card IN FULL and ON TIME to avoid the late fees or interest charges. (which would negate the green savings).

Paying bills online, versus a stamp and envelope, also saves a bit of money and the planet. Truthfully, while some consumers fear putting any financial information online, there is no more risk to bill paying online than there is to using a credit card or check in the mail, and perhaps even less. *A helpful hint is to make sure the website is secure by looking at the internet address bar. Secure sites use the coding httpS, instead of http.* This means your personal information is scrambled while it goes over the internet.

I have at least 10 bills a month. I figure at a cost of 40 cents a stamp, times 10 bills, times 12 months, I am saving almost $50/annually by paying bills online. That's a green I can get excited about.


John Ettorre said...

I know I should do this (I've been telling myself the same thing for a few years now). And I do plenty of other transactions online, from booking flights to contributing to nonprofit groups. But there's something about paying bills online (and banking online generally) that just seems to make me hesitate. I imagine I'm not alone in this.

Kim said...

I can offer a few reassurances, but if you're already shopping online, and you've never had anything negative happen, it's really no different.

People can get mugged physically, their mail can get stolen, they can have electronic info taken. As long as there are thieves, they will find a way to steal. An unfortunate, but true statement of living in this world.

I do know you're not alone. But I've encouraged many folks to talk a walk on the GREEN side. Maybe I can encourage you, as well.