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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Library Green

I spend a lot of time in our local library. Most local libraries offer a family consumer multiple ways to live green, not just by borrowing books. Libraries offer CDs, DVDs, and computer games, all for the *price* (free) of a library card. The check out time is more generous than movie stores, also.

A library will request any book you want if it's not available on the shelf. The library in my town is rather small but has access to the entire county library system. It generally takes about a week, the same time it would to order and purchase a book.

One of my other favorite things about a library is the book sales. I am a book junkie but I refuse to pay full price for them. Libraries usually sell a bag of books for a buck on the last day of the sale. I have stocked up on the classics as well as several interesting how to repair assorted household items this way. I figure it's always wise to know how to fix something if it's broken, rather than add it to our increasingly overflowing landfills.

The best part, this helps keep my wallet fuller, too. Next time you need a book, movie or music, don't pay money for it, borrow one from your local library.
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