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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Water Bottle Green

Recent news reports about bottled water being less safe than tap water has prompted today's post. If this isn't reason enough to consider ditching bottled water, consider the cost and environmental reasons to go back to tap water. Water is one of the healthiest drinks we can consume, but what is the impact on the landfills and budget if you drink only bottled water.

Investing in a filtering faucet or pitcher to purify your tap water will improve the taste of any tap water. A reusable thermos is a one time investment that will save you a great deal of money.

Here is a pledge to "Take Back the Tap" that you may commit to as a reminder of the reasons to eschew bottled water in favor of tap. When you signup, you will also receive regular hints from the site on ways to conserve water.


John Ettorre said...

Isn't it just unbelievable how many people pay for bottled water, even some so-called environmentally conscious folks, who must have some kind of nearly superhuman ability to rationalize wasting all that plastic. It kind of boggles my mind.

Kim said...

I also prefer to know exactly where my water came from and who was purifying it.