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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Fun Green

Today's post was inspired this article:

Even Major League Baseball has joined the green movement. For example, at last week's All Star Game, "everything from powering Busch Stadium with wind energy from wind farms in Missouri to making sure the toilet paper in the bathrooms came from 100 percent post-consumer content is being done to help minimize global warming and pollution."

While this is encouraging news for the environment, unfortunately, it's not such encouraging news for the wallet. Attending a professional sporting event is an expensive option for a family. With our economy strained, many people are opting to stay home and make their own fun, instead of traveling. Since this blog is how to save both money and resources, I would like to propose some more budget friendly alternatives that still remember the planet we call home.

A backyard picnic, (with all reusable items of course, no paper!)
A bike ride
Swimming in a local pond or lake (our bodies could use a break from chlorinated pool water)
Picking fresh fruit or veggies at a local U Pick farm (many of these places have special kid's activities),
Making homemade ice cream in a recycled coffee can
A neighborhood pick up softball or baseball game?

With a little imagination and enthusiasm, your personal All-Star team color is sure to be GREEN!


John Ettorre said...

Never knew that about baseball. Good for the MLB.

Kim said...

It's not just baseball, it's also football, hockey and tennis. That leaves college sports and basketball. Think all the ways stadiums and arenas could be greener (no, not just astroturf)!

Anonymous said...

At White Sox park kids can round up plastic drinking cups can redeem them for various Sox chatzkis.